Macular Degeneration

What is Macular Degeneration?

Macular Degeneration is a common eye condition and a leading cause of vision loss among people age 50 and older. It causes damage to the macula, a small spot near the center of the retina and the part of the eye needed for sharp, central vision, which lets us see objects that are straight ahead.

There are two forms of macular degeneration, dry and wet. Early diagnosed macular degeneration is usually the dry form with mild vision loss. Early diagnosis is made when deposits, known as drusen, are seen in the macula. Dry macular degeneration can progress to wet macular degeneration, which typically has more severe vision loss.

What to expect?

Macular Degeneration by itself does not lead to complete blindness, with no ability to see. However, the loss of central vision can interfere with simple everyday activities, such as the ability to see faces, drive, read, write, or do close work, such as cooking or fixing things around the house.

Is there treatment for macular degeneration?

Dry macular degeneration typically requires vitamin supplementation. Wet macular degeneration can sometimes require more frequent follow ups with possible ocular injections.


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