Anti-Reflective Coatings

Anti-Glare or Non-Glare Treatment

Anti-Glare treatments, also called Non-Glare treatments, help you see better and reduce eyestrain.  We only use the best Anti-glare treatments that have a hard scratch coating built into the lens, and also offer UV protection.  Ask us about Techshield Elite UVR and Techshield Blue UVR with a built in Blue Light filter.

How does Anti-glare improve your vision and reduce eye strain?

  • The lens will let more light pass through instead of reflecting it away.  You will see better day and night.
  • The lens will reduce glare at night by reducing the "halo" effects from the scattered light from car headlights.  
  • Reflections from overhead lights - like fluorescent lighting - are reduced which helps minimize eye strain and improve visual comfort even while spending long hours on computers, laptops, tablets and phones.
  • Because anti-glare reduces reflections, your eyes will be visible - not the reflections - and will make your eyeglasses more attractive.

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